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Fill out the information to the left and click “Add To Cart”. You will be directed to PayPal where you can pay with a PayPal account or Debit or Credit Card. If you would like to add a t-shirt, select “Continue Shopping” in the top left corner and then choose a t-shirt size and Add To Cart. You can add as many t-shirts as you would like. You will receive an email from PayPal confirming your order. Bring this confirmation email (printed or digital) to the registration booth day of show as proof of preregistration.



Preregistration is non-refundable except for the event the show is canceled. Preregistration can not be transferred. By registering you agree to that your vehicle will be operated responsibly and accept that Omaha VW Club is not responsible to any damages to personal property. Omaha VW Club has the right to refuse any vehicle entry if there is a violation of the Omaha VW Club Bylaws or for any other reason. In the event of show cancelation due to COVID-19, your registration fee will be fully refunded through PayPal. If you ordered a shirt, we will coordinate t-shirt pick up or shipping with you.