January 2016 Meeting

Good turnout!

New Members



Dues are owed before or during the holiday party (January 23rd). Dues are $20 if paid on time.

Event Report

It’s that slow time of year, nothing new to report

Future Events

– Holiday Party, bowling, dinner buffet, laser tag, white elephant gift ($20 limit)
– Lake Havasu bus show (Arizona). Rob, Greg, Dan, April. Meeting up with people from Kansas. Big raffle prizes. 300 some buses.
– World of Wheels, March 18-20
– Rocky Manginelli swap meet, Sunday, March 6th. Meet at Sapp Bro’s at o-dark-thirty. If we have enough volunteers the club gets money. Dan, Greg, and Scott tentatively volunteered. Talk with Greg or Dan if you would like to volunteer.


– Ads in Hot VW, Samba,
– ENWICC. Need to make sure we’ve paid for ENWICC.
– Enthusiast of the year nominees: Danny Kaven, Mike Carroll
– Show shirt submissions by Sean, Mike and Mike. Will need to talk with shirt printers to determine what our limitations are.
– Raffle prizes are hard to sell tickets for, even for a 50/50 cash raffle. Discussed ideas and whether or not we should continue raffles.
– Swap meet spaces are limited. So were show spaces. Greg and Sean to look into ways to increase space.



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