February 2017 Meeting Minutes


– Richard, 1969 beetle, road race ready


  • Sam & Louie’s discount & PinPoint
  • DUES are due! Pay at or before the holiday party and save $4, making it only $20 vs $

Upcoming Events

  • Rocky Manginelli swap meet in Lincoln, March 5th. Greg? Past few years we’vevolunteered to park swappers. Get there early early early. Leave Omaha around 1:30 AM, start parking trucks and trailers around 3:00 AM. We get two “shares” for working the graveyard shift, this year they offered us 3 shares if we head up all of parking and have a couple people stay until the next shift to help them direct. Could use a few more volunteers.Greg,Dan,Michelle,Scott,Sean,Dave
  • Thursday nights
  • World of Wheels March 17-19
  • MoKan Volks-Weston- Bug-O-Rama ICT- Wichita, Kansas- May 20
  • Bandimere – huge swap meet, show, drag racing- July 9th
  • Funfest for Air-Cooled VW- Effingham, Illinois- Jun 2-3
  • Bug-O-Rama ICT- Wichita, Kansas- May 20
  • Any other upcoming events?

Event Report

  • Holiday Party
  • Havasu – Around 530 buses this year
  • Anything going on?VVWCA
    Richard sent off our show insurance information to VVWCA
    We have 4 membership spots. Rob and Scott, your forms have been sent off andreceived.

Spring Cruise Ideas – Meet at Baxter, cruise out to Fremont then back roads to Greg’s. End of April. Rain or shine. Main Entrée’ Club paid? BYO Covered Dish. Saturday or Sunday Cruise better?

Spring Campouts – Dan? May 5th and 6th ? Possible Campout to Niobrara (AshFalls)


  • Camp site update from Ron – couldn’t make it but no update
  • Sponsorships – Time to call for sponsors
    Trent – Valley View Stables
  • Design related things
    Designed ENWICC ad sent
    Designed plaques
     Unable to do full color plaqueso Need to create show posters once sponsors are nailed down
    o Needtodesignshowpins
    o Needtogetshirtdesignpreppedtosend,willtalktoshirtshack. o MissinganythingDESIGNrelated?
  • Charity
    o LouisvilleBallParentsAssociation,newballfieldcomplex.
  • Show to dos
    o Finalizesponsorso Createposter
    o SetupPaypalpreregistration o Create Facebook event
  • Watercooled classes
    o Newwatercooledclasses Stock  Mk1  Mk2  Mk3  Mk4  Mk5  Mk6  Mk7  OtherTech Help/Open floor?

– Anyone have any tech questions?

Cars for sale/looking

– Chris Rolph – Selling niece’s ’69 Beetle, posted on the swap page. Purple-ish. Looks clean.


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